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Things To Know About Green Home Investment In Bangalore

Bangalore being a metropolitan city offers its residents numerous options and opportunities for standard and contented living. In India, real estate is one of the widely popular sector which is attracting with its investment schemes on the property in Apartments Jp Nagar 3rd Phase of their choice in any city. In Ready to move in apartments in jp nagar, you can find projects that are worth for the given price. Financial analyzing and choosing the Homes in JP nagar at best location is very much important things one should look for before investing in any property. In From budget homes to luxury 2 Bedroom Apartments Jp Nagar 8th Phase, real estate is offering with various options for you to choose as per your preference. According to a study on climatic changes, real estate sector is considered as one of the foremost contributors to global warming due to the adverse effect of construction.

Nowadays, the traditional and ancient concept of building homes is becoming widely popular in urban cities which include Ready to move in 3bhk apartments in jp nagar. Green homes is becoming a popular concept in the real estate sector that most of developers and individuals are considering to implement to their properties. In Apartments Jp Nagar 7th Phase you can find several projects of Ready to move in flats in jp nagar that comes under IGBC green home ratings and certification with good points. The Confederation of Real Estate Developers' Associations of India (CREDAI) is an apex body for all the Real Estate builders and developers in India to communicate with buyers conveniently. Green building movement is getting growing popularity in areas like Properties in JP Nagar and other places of the country. Many companies, developers, and other organizations are focusing on making their buildings complete green.

What is Green Homes?

A green home is a beautiful concept that gives eco-friendly and healthy living. In urban areas, this concept of green is becoming trending and in many places like 3 Bhk Apartments Jp Nagar 8th Phase you can find green buildings constructed. The concept is defined as "A green building is one which uses less water, optimizes energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants, as compared to a conventional building." A green home can be affordable, and it can change the world into environment-friendly. This new emerging concept helps in creating traditional Homes in JP nagar that is less harmful to the surroundings. But green homes will not enhance the living style; it drastically reduces the cost of living through lower consumption of resources needed for the building of homes.

Role of IGBC in Green Building Movement in India

The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) was formed in 2001 as a part of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). In JP nagar apartments, the green concept is getting popular in various localities of India and Bangalore city of Ready to move in 2bhk apartments in jp nagar. The council was started with an aim "To enable a sustainable built environment for all and facilitate India to be one of the global leaders in the sustainable built environment by 2025". IGBC offers developing rating programmes of new green buildings, green building training programmes, and certification services for Apartments Jp Nagar 3rd Phase and other properties. For promoting the concept of green buildings in the country, IGBC is associated with several working departments of State Government, Central Government, World Green Building Council, and other agencies.

The green building movement began in the 1970s when there was an increase in the oil price. In response to increasing in price, many researchers started to focus on energy efficient processes which paved the way for green building movement. In Bangalore, you can find several 2 Bedroom Apartments Jp Nagar 8th Phase which constructed on the concept of green homes. However, in the 1990s, some of the organizations began promoting the green building movement with a focus on providing accurate knowledge about the green homes to the people. With this movement, globally 'Green Homes' was considered as an innovative and environment-friendly concept. Today, from IT Parks to Townships, Factories to Government Offices, Educational Institutions to Ready to move in apartments in jp nagar, today many builders and individuals are going on the concept of green buildings.

With green homes, one can have a home that is nature-friendly and helps in sustaining the environment. Through Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), the Properties in JP Nagar and other areas has to get certified that their property is eco-friendly. The members and people working in IGBC community ensure to promote green building path for India. For the construction of green building, the only thing that Homes in JP Nagar has to keep in mind is to minimize the utilization of materials during construction of any building. IGBC rating system is based on the five elements of nature, and this applies to all the time zones of the country. However, the project has to fill the mandatory requirement and should get minimum credit points to get ratings from IGBC for your green building. Well, buy a home that is constructed on the concept of 'Green Homes' and save nature.

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Hi, I am Partha Hazra, booked the apartment in Platinum Lifestyle. In that occasion I got an opportunity to interact with the Staff members, both onsite and in the corporate office. I must say I have very good experience in with any staff member from both the places. I visit quite frequently the site and interact with the onsite team members, especially with Mr. Sumant. Sumant has very pleasant personality, informative and extremely co-operative. I must say that, whatever request I made in writing regarding the slight interior modification, was taken care very efficiently. The communication which I have got from the corporate office was also very clear which answers my queries. I am also happy and satisfied with the progress of the construction work so far.

Partha Hazra, (E-434) Platinum Lifestyle.

Hi, My name is Muralidhar Reddy and I bought a Flat (Flat # 101) in Samskruthi Apartments in AkshayaNagar and I would like to share my feedback about Sai associates. I moved in to my apartment in the month of March, While I was buying an apartment I was not aware of anything about various things that needs to be looked into while buying a flat. I visited lot many builders and marketing executives but Mr. Babu from Sai associates and his team especially Venu have been great through the entire process.They made sure that I understand everything from the time I booked the flat till the time I moved in and I felt quite comfortable with the entire process. All my issues were taken up by Mr Babu on time and were addressed efficiently. They have high level of patience and look into concerns deeply. Would like to thank Mr Babu and Venu for all their efforts in making my decision to buy an apartment with SLV builders a happy experience.

Muralidhar Reddy

Hi, This is Ajit Jade and SowmyaKanatur from Flat No. 004, Samskruthi apartments, Akshayanagar. We just wanted to tell you that, we have always received best response from marketing team specially Venugopal, from the day we have booked apartment. We being working people, could not able to spend time during week days, for any customization work at apartment like electric work, plumbing work etc..or for any follow ups that needs to be done. With just phone calls we could able to solve many issue or fix problems. Babusir being senior person also has helped us in many situations. Thanks to sai associates for playing the role of “middle party” without which it was difficult to directly deal with builder (with whom there was hardly any interaction).

Ajit Jade & Sowmya Kanatur

Hi, My name is VV Rajan and I recently bought a duplex flat at Sai Sunshine with Sai Associates, and I am glad I did with these builders. Prior to my purchase, we checked various builders and various areas in Bangalore some were very good but there was always an issue with the rates. I think it was only with Sai Associates, that we got not just good value for money but great looking house specific to our requirements. I would definitely recommend without any doubt to anyone seeking good, quality, assurance and value for money housing properties.

VV Rajan, A 302 Sai Sunshine.

Dear Sai properties Team, We saw the ad in the paper in the month of December when we were eagerly searching for good flats in Bangalore. We went to the property in Bangalore and liked it immediately. Excellent construction and the look and feel of the apartment is superb. On that the plus point is behavior of any of your team member is very helping. As without taking any help from any male member of my family I was able to buy Two flats with all the formalities done smoothly. As the name says you can trust the SAI property and invest. I am really looking forward for continuous support from your team. I had a wonderful experience while the process of seeing, finalizing, registration, loan in all the aspect I got the needed help. I recommend you guys highly to others Special thanks to Sanjay and Chandru.

Shveta, Accenture, Bangalore

Dear Sai properties Team, The overall experience with Sai Associates from the time of inquiring about the project till the time of taking possession, was excellent. We get all the help and guidance that is needed in purchasing. Apart from that, they build a great deal of trust by their customers and stretch their responsibilities to get our highest satisfaction. Highly recommending to have a relationship with Sai Associates. Special Thanks to Babu, Sridhar, Bharath and Chandru.

Mr.Raja Vishwanathan, Flat No. 104 'B' at Suraksha Golden Palms.